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Services Live Well Therapy Associates offers a variety of specialities to meet your individual needs. We have expertise regarding work with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, emerging adulthood issues and substance abuse. .
Eating Disorders
Live Well Therapy Associates specializes in working with those struggling with various eating disorder issues. Our clinicians all have extensive training in this area of expertise. We believe that recovery, including a thriving, healthy relationship with food, is possible. Under the umbrella of eating disorders, three general categories exist. They are:
  • Anorexia Nervosa- These individuals suffer from an immense fear of weight gain, distortions regarding their physical appearance and severely restrict their food intake, resulting in significant weight loss.

  • Bulimia Nervosa- This type of eating disorder is characterized by engaging in bingeing behaviors (consuming large amounts of food in one sitting) followed by compensatory purging (vomiting, laxatives and diuretics, excessive exercise, etc).

  • Binge Eating- Individuals who struggle with binge eating issues engage in excessive consumption of food in one sitting. Those with binge eating, or compulsive overeating behaviors, do not utilize any forms of purging in order to compensate for food consumption.
Although these three categories exist, we understand that each person is unique and their struggles may not fit exactly into one of these categories. .

With the help of LWTA’s services, our clients are able to manage underlying emotional issues that contribute to their eating issues, as well as maintain successful and healthy relationships. Our therapy focuses on stabilizing eating patterns, developing a healthy relationship with food, learning coping skills to manage emotions, and the evolution of a positive body image.
Depression can occur when an individual feels sad, unhappy, blue or down in the dumps for a period of time. Although everyone feels these emotions periodically, depression tends to last longer than a simple bad day. Depression can interfere with an individual’s daily life, making even the simplest of tasks seem impossible.

LWTA work to create hope and relief in the midst of this sadness. We focus on helping our clients create tangible changes in their everyday lives including developing helpful coping skills, learning methods of stress reduction, incorporating social support, challenging negative thoughts through cognitive behavioral techniques, and establishing healthy physical routine.
Anxiety can be overwhelming and at times, crippling, to those that struggle with it. This can be felt through worry, fear, panic, irritability, difficulty with concentration or sleep, and even physical signs like headaches or stomach aches.

At LWTA, we work to create structure and stability in order to ease these emotions. LWTA therapists assist our clients in recognizing the emotional triggers to worry and panic while simultaneously helping our clients feel a sense of mastery over their emotions and anxiety.
Emerging Adulthood
As an individual moves from adolescence through their late teens and early twenties, they experience many changes and stressors unique to this period of life. There are changes in relationships, exploration of identity, possibly a new living environment and the pressure of deciding on a career path in life. This time can be exciting and interesting, but also stressful and overwhelming. LWTA helps to address the unique stressors of this life phase, implement healthy coping skills, and explore how to transition from childhood and adolescence to healthy, happy adulthood.
Substance Abuse
The use of alcohol or other drugs can often be the result of experimentation, curiosity, or social pressure. For some people, alcohol or other drug use can progress into abuse or even dependence. Being able to recognize a possibly problematic relationship with substances is a critical component of recovery...
  • LWTA can assist you by identifying potential signs of problematic drug and alcohol use, as well as ways to reduce habitual patterns. By recognizing these signs and symptoms, changes can be made to stop the progression to dependence. LWTA focuses on the connection between substance abuse issues and the underlying emotional causes. Treatment incorporates expressing and addressing these emotional needs while working towards successful abstinence from alcohol and other substances.

  • LWTA also provides counseling services to those looking to maintain recovery and sobriety goals. If you have already started your work on being clean and sober—perhaps by completing time in a rehab or intensive outpatient program—LWTA is able to provide ongoing outpatient aftercare services to assist you in maintaining your recovery goals.

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